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MBezuidenhout Couture is a symbol of timeless elegance and style. The well known Michael Bezuidenhout is the leading designer for the fashion house in this corporate identity. A Michael-designed dress can be recognized from a distance for its artistic touch and exquisite look due to his outstanding expertise and personal attention given to each individual design.

Michael and his phenomenal team pour their harts into each creation to make it something you would rather find in a place like Hollywood. The person spotting all the possibilities and creating the label, Michael's mom - head director of MBezuidenhout Couture - Martie Bezuidenhout.

Women all over South Africa, even over the globe, makes use of Michael's amazing talent. He has designed various gowns for personalities like Amor Vittone, Zuraida Jardine, Jolize Uys (Mrs. South Africa), Therese Benade, Cindy Nell, and various previously appointed Miss / Mrs. South Africa. To Michael each client is special, well known or not. It is his goal to make each dress into something extraordinary, turning each client into the real you - the most beautiful you. This is achieved not only through his unique designs and expertise, but also with the personal attention given to each individual person.


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